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Vortex - 100 Person Gig

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Product Description

The 100 Person Gig

Only Bluetooth or Cinema options available until August due to a manufacturing issue with the DJ booths.



Width - 7.95 Metres

Length - 17.55 Metres 

Height - 4.5 Metres


Our spectacular structure on a much larger scale. This is the perfect product for large parties in big gardens, wedding venues or privately owned fields.  


This unit even allows you to fit a small band inside the separate stage area.


This product is humongous! 


It's quite breathtaking seeing this absolute monster inflate and take over your designated space. Whether it's an exhibition space, a giant cinema or a crazy party you've booked, this product will leave guests stunned. 


We need 3 blowers running to hold. this product in shape (the cost is roughly 30 pence per hour). It's best to have these running from different parts/sockets of the house, our technician can advise upon delivery. If we are delivering to a field we would need a large generator. 


Please triple check your measurements before booking this product..


We have designed and custom built this product ourselves and have rolled years of experience into this outstanding creation to suit back garden parties, silent disco events or huge festivals.  


It can be filled with lighting systems such as lasers, UV glow and smoke machines etc. We also supply speakers which have bluetooth capabilities allowing you to play your own music and styles with no limits.


Please check your measurements before booking this product.



Silent Disco Add On!

Does your venue of choice not hold an outdoor music license? Not sure on the noise rules and regulations of the land your holding  your party at? Or are you just worried about being deemed as "the neighbour from hell"?


The silent disco is the perfect loop hole! 


Not just that, it opens up so many doors. Users can switch between artists channels and enjoy whatever their personal vibe is. You could have a few different mobile devises playing playlists for house music on one channel, drum and bass on the second channel with punk music on the third. 


Some customers even like to have 3 DJs playing at the same time and switch between the three different blends. It all depends on your artist  budget or talented attendees willing to play a set. We find one DJ and two different playlists to be the most popular but it's all down to personal preference. 


30 headphones 1x channel + £110
30 headphones 2x channels +£125
30 headphones 3x channels +£150


60 headphones 1x channel + £210
60 headphones 2x channels + 225
60 headphones 3x channels + 250

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