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Book a Call with the CEO

Have you read through our website but are unable to find the answers you seek?

We try to answer as much as we can on our website but it's not all black and white in this industry. Some of you might have obscure access or certain needs. We can even use video calling at the delivery site if needs be.

Have you tried to call us but can't get through?

We are quite often working in rural areas with little to no signal. A preplanned meeting will help us to eliminate this regular issue.

Have you been meaning to send us an email but keep forgetting?

Maybe you are unable to call right now due to your own environment. For example you might be in front of the person who's surprise party it is, or maybe you are at work but have many questions in regards to safety or sufficient surfaces for our equipment.

You can apply to schedule a call with higher management to book in a large event or answer any complicated questions you might have. Please just leave a little side note as to what your call is in regards to.

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