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Inflatable Nightclubs and Arenas for Hire UK

These top of the range portable nightclubs are like nothing you've ever seen before!

We have designed and manufactured each of these impressive units ourselves in order to bring the best party venue to your door.

Fully aware that people have their own equipment or the DJs and entertainers will bring their own sound and lighting as part of a package, we've adapted our website to match your budget and create your own package.  


Select your inflatable arena.

Select your music input (DJ or Bluetooth)

Select staging if you have a DJ or entertainer coming. 

Select your lighting (UV, lasers & smoke)

Select an inflatable cinema option if the above is not your scene. 

Select number of 3 channeled headphones if you have nearby neighbors, or if you want three different types of music to dance to at the same time. 

You can choose to leave all of these options blank and just have the arena delivered on its own if you want to use the space as a conference room or marquee at a venue. As above, you or your hired entertainment might be supplying the lighting and sound equipment. Although we would always recommend our own for a smooth transition.

Inflatable Event Hire UK

Our inflatable nightclubs and arenas are available to hire all over the UK! People love these pop-up party venues in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Gloucester and more. We want everyone in the country to be able to access the best inflatables around, so at Inflate Event, we bring the party to you, no matter where you are in the country. 

You can rest assured that we are consummate professionals and that we know all there is to know about event hire, inside and out. We make sure all of our inflatables have been fully inspected before every hire, and that they have been professionally cleaned to the highest standards. All inflatables are annually tested according to HSE requirements, while electronics are certified through the PAT scheme. 

Everything is taken care of when you choose the Inflatable Event experts, so why wait? Make an order today, or contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not supply DJ turntables but the bench for the turntables will be built into the wall and staging. You must select staging if you are booking a DJ. We also have a range of recommended resident musicians and DJs available. 

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The 30 Person Gig


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