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Human Bowling

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Human Bowling

Looking for something completely off the wall? Something that will have your guest’s heads spinning for days? Well there’s nothing better than human bowling! That’s right, human bowling!

Now we aren't suggesting we line up your guests as bowling pins and launch balls in their direction, quite the opposite. In human bowling the guests are the bowling ball, or inside the ball to be more accurate. One player climbs inside the giant bowling ball, straps themselves into the seat, their team launches them into the inflatable pins and “STRIKE”!!

Hire human bowling for all events - it's an addictive fun filled game for all ages that will have people queuing up to bowl their friends into a perfect game!

This inflatable game is perfect for bigger events like village fetes and fundraisers, but Inflate Event are happy to supply human bowling to any party in the UK you have in mind as long as there’s space. All dimensions are listed so you just need to make sure you can fit the item at your chosen venue.

Human bowling is one of those attractions that causes excitement as crowds gather around it as the game is as fun to watch as it is to play. It really lets people know where the party is and can draw extra footfall into your event. The human bowling is particularly great for corporate bookings where things can get really wild.

Fun for all ages, human bowling is one of Inflate Event’s favourite attractions, it always causes excitement and turns your event into a day to remember for your guests. So call Inflate Event today to avoid disappointment and book the human bowling for your event or party.

Birthdays, weddings, community events, corporate away days; Inflate Event can supply them all! Make sure you also check out our rodeo bulls and inflatable nightclubs

Technical Specification:
Approximate dimensions (Imperial) - 35ft x 15ft x 13ft. (L/W/H)
Platform height - NA
Approximate weight - 99kg / 43kg Skittles - No ball
Approximate packing dimensions (L/W/H) - 0.6m x 0.6m x 1.0m / 1.0m x 1.0m x 1.5m Skittles - No ball
Maximum user height upto 1.00 Meters - 2
Maximum user height upto 1.25 Meters - 2
Maximum user height upto 1.50 Meters - 2
Maximum user height upto 1.80 Meters - 2
Suitable for adult use - Yes, However maximum user data may apply
Includes inflatable alley, Ball and Skittles


We hire this manned for 4 hours at a time. We then charge an additional £100 per hour if you wanted to add more time.

Perfect for pub Skittles teams who want to try something a bit different and add some extreme team building into their game.

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