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About Me & What to Expect When You Take This Step

What led me to this point?

In the realm of brevity, here's the scoop: I'm the proud owner of Porta-bull Events, CK Castles & Cheltenham Spa Hot Tub Hire. A twist of fate landed me with a broken heel bone.

Eager to reclaim mobility the moment I could bear weight, I decided to reignite my passion by teaching friends and aiding them in getting back on the health wagon right after Christmas.

As you can imagine, this modest endeavor quickly evolved into something much grander.

I will continue the long side of the story lower down the page, but for now, let's paint you a picture of what to expect when you take this step with me.

Nestled in the heart of Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, our kickass double garage gym delivers an unparalleled, old-school Muay Thai experience that'll leave you hungry for more.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill workout - it's a personalized, technique-driven, and power-packed journey that sets the stage for epic gains. A place where you can immerse yourself in sessions that redefine cardio with a focus on technique, stamina, and power.

Picture this: you step into our Muay Thai haven, conveniently located in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. The vibes are electric, and you're in for a ride that's as unique as you are.

The action begins with a dynamic warm-up, kicking off with five minutes on the rowing machine. Pro tip: arriving five minutes early amplifies your training gains.

Then, it's gloves on for some lightning-fast pad work with target boxing mittens, dialing in your agility and precision.

Our sessions are a bespoke experience, tailored just for you. No cookie-cutter routines here. Dive into new combinations, refine your technique as you throw down against a punch bag under the watchful eye of me, your trainer.

As you level up, we introduce Muay Thai pads and a heavy-hitting boulder pad, cranking up the power and finesse.

Engage in toe-to-toe combat scenarios, integrating your newfound skills seamlessly. Taekwondo target markers mark the transition to a kick-centric segment, working on kicks you know and some badass ones we'll teach you. It's a killer leg workout that hones in on your technique as we approach the session's end.

The grand finale? A calorie-scorching speed burnout that'll leave you breathless. Beast mode: activated. I'll call out the moves, and you hit them with laser focus, precision and a show of power boiled up from the inside which you didn't know you had. You're the bull in the ring, and it's game on. Fight mode kicks in - new techniques blend seamlessly with the classics.

Let the conquest begin!

As the bell tolls, signaling the end of the round, you're sprawled on the mats, a glorious, sweaty mess. Somewhere between 550 to 850 calories evaporate into the ether.

Mission accomplished. Stretch it out, wind down, and let's chat about the journey you just conquered.

See you in a couple of days, champ. And between sessions, we'll stay connected, keeping tabs on your meal plan and boosting your spirits for the in-home workouts and weight lifting schedules that come with the package. It's not just a workout; it's a lifestyle. Join us for the ride, and let's conquer together.

This is what I am aiming for, but of course, there is a lighter version. Everything is tailored towards you, your goals, and your specific needs.

Now we are back to where I left you when I began this story: The long part.

Embarking on the kickboxing odyssey at the tender age of 11, I commenced my martial arts journey at the esteemed WUMA headquarters in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. Earning numerous gradings, I ascended into the competitive realm, conquering tournaments like the British Open and European Open. With a podium finish in every tournament and the coveted Fighter of the Year award in 2002, my early years in kickboxing were marked by triumph.

However, the intoxication of youth led me astray at 17, sidelining my athletic pursuits. This detour, which I now seek to guide others away from, caused me to miss out on potentially huge accomplishments in competitive sports.

The awakening came when I returned to kickboxing at MSD Evolution, embarking on a transformative journey and seizing the opportunity to elevate my passion, I jetted off to Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand, a global hot spot for famous UFC fighters, for an immersive three-month training experience. Under the tutelage of a 5-time world champion known as the Front Kick King, I endured daily 6-hour sessions in the tropical heat, followed by beachside relaxation and detox.

Upon my return, I continued my training at MSD but felt the allure of exploration calling me. Venturing across Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, and Japan, I blended travel with martial arts, enriching my experiences.

Back in England, I resumed training at MSD, extending my influence to instructing Muay Thai and kickboxing classes. A pivotal moment arose when I whisked my family away on a Thailand holiday, showcasing the best spots and creating lasting memories. My journey continued with a three-month stay on the remote Koh Yao Noi island, living at KYN Muay Thai camp, now known as Phoenix Muay Thai.

Returning to the UK, I imparted my knowledge by instructing Muay Thai, K-1 and kickboxing classes at MSD Evolution, thoroughly enjoying the experience. However, when my fiancee fell pregnant i could not squeeze the travel time with the excercise time, neighter could i guantee I would make the specific class times. This led me to CDA Combined Deffense Academy, a club just three minutes from home, where I trained until a heel bone and ankle injury temporarily derailed my progress.

Now, let's reignite the spark together and journey into the dynamic world of kickboxing excellence. Join me on this thrilling adventure, where each kick and punch symbolizes not just technique but unwavering dedication.

Your path to greatness starts here!

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